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Walking around the lagoon is a way for me to relax and ponder my art. I appreciate the beauty of nature and its inspiration for my art. In my show, the platform not only provided a space for the sculptures but also for writing calligraphy. The platform functioned as a stand to define a territory for my work. The gallery floor is black that reflects images like water. A recorded dripping water sound was played as a background in my exhibition. The dripping water sounds evoked a sense of peace and quiet in the viewer’s minds. This is how I wanted my audience to feel as they walked around the gallery. I covered the floor with silica powder in a shape of a square on which I wrote some Chinese characters. I also placed sculptures inside the square. I kept a walking space between the platforms and the square. Wandering through this “in-between space”, one felt as if one were walking on shallow water. Since the gallery is a rectangular space, I installed my work in the shape of “return” or “repetition” in Chinese. My idea of this installation was to guide the viewers to walk and complete the circular path as many times as possible.

My hair,My body, My English,Thank you so much.
My hair,My body, My English,Thank you so much.
Pencil,Porcelain .Wood, Ink, Silica Powder, lights, recorded dripping water sound
26FX17FX20F (space installition)